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Following on from its involvement in major events around the world, including the London Olympics 2012, WorldSkills and the Commonwealth Games, Global Experience Specialists (GES) is seeking to utilise its expertise in the Middle East.

“Generally speaking there has been an increase in the number of new events being launched that cover niche subjects outside of the traditional sectors such as health, oil and gas, construction and IT,” said Managing Director Yasser Al Maaytah. “We have especially noticed a requirement for creative input from traditional show contractors. These companies originally only supplied products but are now providing one-stop-shop services.”

To satisfy demand, GES is taking a more consultative approach, which covers everything from dealing directly with venues on behalf of organisers to arranging general show logistics.

“Currently there are a number of interesting industry developments, such as geo-profiling, which involves adapting traditional events especially for different destinations around the region,” said Al Maaytah. “In addition, many organisers are using one supplier as a touch point for products, services, project management, consultancy and creative input. This means that suppliers need to invest to be able to provide more products and, of course, to ramp up recruitment to service more demanding clients.”

To cater to the upswing in business, GES is employing young, fresh talent and broadening its logistics and delivery offering across the GCC. The company is also developing more sophisticated data capture methods.

“More people will continue to pour into the UAE looking to piggyback on the various opportunities, yet the event industry will continue to be seasonal, resulting in an everincreasing pool of small event management companies and freelancing event managers,” said Al Maaytah. “The development of infrastructure and new venues in key cities in the region, due to the number of high-profile event wins such as Dubai Expo 2020, will create an opportunity to host more specialised events in new venues. This will include large-scale international congresses, sporting events, concerts and festivals that will be attended by visitors from around the region and not just locally.”

GES enjoys a competitive advantage when it comes to insider knowledge.

“Large-scale international organisers need local suppliers on the ground to consult on local rules and regulations, licensing and generally how things work here,” said Al Maaytah.

Planners should look out for the new touring exhibitions led by GES’ creative event team
being brought to the UAE this autumn. New AV solutions will also soon be included through
GES’ partner, Blitz.

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