MPI and Poken get together to provide a gamified event experience

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Poken, the revolutionising 360° event technology company, has announced today that Meeting Professionals International (MPI) will use its event technology tools throughout its upcoming MPI Trade Show Tech Summit, to provide a new gamified event experience.

Through the use of a customised event mobile app, gamification module and interactive devices, participants will be incentivised to achieve specific event related goals. Personalised participant objectives may be to ‘digitally connect with a specific number of people’, to ‘collect and engage with a certain number of exhibitors’, or ‘to check into a number of sessions’.

MPI is hopeful that the programme will increase attendance on its exhibition floor and help drive participants towards content that is most relevant to them, using Poken’s event engagement platform.

On arrival participants will receive a smart badge issued through Poken’s registration and badge-printing tools, wirelessly connected through state-of-the-art touch screen tablets.

Along with their badge, visitors will each receive a Poken interactive USB stick, which they will use to network with other participants, to collect digital collateral from exhibitor booths, and to check-in at sessions.  By extending its event mobile app experience with light-weight NFC/iBeacon digital event tools, Poken helps create an engaging event experience, a key objective expressed by MPI for its trade shows.

Ramon Zurbuchen, general manager of Poken in the US, said: “As one of MPI’s largest chapters, MPI DFW prides itself on bringing new experiences to the meetings and event landscape through continuous innovation and vision. We are certainly very excited to have been chosen by MPI to contribute to its commitment to innovation.”

The upcoming MPI DFW Trade Show Tech Summit will be held at the Irving Convention Center, Texas, on March the 24th.


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