Alliance Tech launches new app eventBreeze

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Alliance Tech, a leading provider of event technology solutions for trade shows, conferences and events, today announced eventBreeze, an all-in-one solution for event organizers who manage on-site event activities for small and recurring events with 350 or fewer attendees.

The eventBreeze cloud-based app streamlines check-in, badging, session tracking, plus conference and session surveys.

Event organizers can easily download the app, import their registration data, and immediately begin utilizing the features. Pre-event, attendees are emailed confirmation notifications that include individual check-in QR codes. Upon arrival at the event, attendees can check in immediately by scanning the QR codes on their smartphones or paper printout. Email look-up is available for check-in should an attendee not have confirmation information. Once checked in, attendee badges are printed on-demand, expediting and enhancing the attendee experience with the onsite registration process. Organizers can see who is attending which sessions and gain focus on what’s most important to their attendees in real-time. Designed specifically for smaller events, Alliance Tech developed an optional survey feature, so organizations can obtain valuable session and overall conference feedback.

“Managing smaller and recurring events has its own set of distinctive challenges, and requires an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution,” commented Art Borrego, chief executive officer, Alliance Tech. “The eventBreeze app was specifically designed to meet these challenges with ease, so event managers can provide a streamlined an inspiring experience for their attendees, and easily access post-show data for fluent ROI reporting.” eventBreeze is available now through Alliance Tech. For more information see eventBreeze’s website.

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