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Hello readers, and welcome to the Events Reel Blog.

My name is Silvia, and I am the Managing Director and Editor of Events Reel news, and I am so excited to be writing to you and sharing some thoughts and opinions that surround mine and the team’s day-to-day lives. I am also looking forward to cover topics that inspire and fuel my passion for the Events Industry, including tips and advice for all the eventprofs out there.

If you have looked at and read what’s on our About page, you will have noticed that Events Reel is soon going to expand its services into some very exciting new avenues, so expect to be reading about what’s happening in the film and photography industries too.
I don’t want to drag this any longer than it has to, I am eager to start right away.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you really enjoy reading our Blog.

Silvia Pereira,
Managing Director and Editor, Events Reel

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  1. Terry Young says:

    Very good. Looking forward to reading more

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